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by Denis Bostandzic


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Hangzavar / Cacophony

Thrifty-appearing wall-mounted sound installation features five cassette walkmans, simple speakers, and is designed to play one tape together at different intervals, together.

From Everyday Listening:

Recycling of old machines is good. But we all have iPods now, so what do we do with our old Sony walkmans? Chain them together using tape to create a great looking sound installation!

Hangzavar / Cacophony is a creation of Hungarian collective Nomad, consisting of Pásztor Bence, Pongor Soma and Tarcali Dávid. Check out their website for more information on their work.

To experience what it sounds like, Everyday Listening has a video of the piece, which you can see here

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With the success of last seasons approach of suiting up as opposed to throwing on some shin guards, Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière seems to be happily sticking with the route in his latest collection. Sleek, streamlined silhouettes, and that lovely subtle color blocking dominated. The meticulous attention to detail is impeccable in this collection fueled heavily by outerwear and a nice tailored fit. Superb!

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